• 19Aug


    Like all other products out there Clear Muscle which is being touted as the most extraordinary body building supplement that you will ever use, also has its fair share of pros and cons. Understanding what these are and how they can impact your fitness goals will not only help you to get the most out of the product, but also aid you in deciding whether this preparation is right for you.

    What has gone into the making of Clear Muscle?

    When you open the container, you will find clear pills which are to be taken at the rate of 2 per day. These liquid encapsulated inside the pills is a free acid form of HMB. For long, hydroxy- methylbutyrate has been available in its calcium salts form.

    However, this compound simply does not produce the rave results of Clear Muscle because the bioavailability of HMB (leucine) in it is limited to just 2%. With Clear Muscle you get 1000 mg of HMB in a form that is easily absorbed and processed in the body.  For more detailed info check out the review of clear muscle here.
    chart-hmbThe pros of Clear Muscle

    You can expect to see muscle growth that goes well beyond the results of regular supplements. In the clinical study conducted to understand the physiological impact of Clear Muscle, participants gained over 106 lbs of lean muscle as opposed to the paltry 4 lbs of increase seen in users who were given a placebo. Other startling benefits of using the preparation included:

    • Decrease in catabolic activity by nearly 60%
    • 70% increase in anabolic activity
    • Growth in muscle thickness
    • Enhances strength and stamina
    • Lean muscle mass gain
    • Body fat reduction by almost 20%, which makes it suitable for pro body builders as well as newbies
    • Backed by clinical studies
    • You get the same amount of nourishment as you would from 200 g of Whey powder
    • Increase in endurance that helps to tackle workout plateaus

    The cons

    This seems to be a near perfect product till you take a look at its price tag. At almost $300 for supplementation that will last about 12 weeks, this is one of the more expensive muscle building preparations out there. In other words, you really need to be committed to your game to use this formulation.